Live at the BWCA  2018  

(during our evacuation from

the Malibu Fire)


Conceptual Art Music

Music for Chilling out and Relaxing

“Sample This!”

is a conceptual album, containing songs from the Suburbanoid Fatties’ past years. It includes songs from our Coffee Trilogy ( Dark Roast, Lite Roast, and Xpresso Blend) in addition to the EP “Adrift”

(We are using the" Fair Use Act " to pay positive compliment to the movies and shows that inspired us.
It is used subtlety in our art as a creative way to critique and acknowledge art of the past .
Nothing stolen only borrowed to give new life to old creations and inspire new generations.)

Now Available Free Love by Suburbanoid Fatties

also available

Lite Roast music for meditation

 New Album available now